Write Your Deconversion Story

I've created a simple step-by-step online "interview" on this site to help you write your deconversion story. The interview consists of ten thought-provoking questions. You will have an opportunity to answer each question with a few sentences or, if you like, a few paragraphs.

When you're done and are satisfied with what you have written, you can click a button that will combine all your paragraphs into one document. You will then be able to edit your story by changing the interview answers that were automatically inserted--rearranging, deleting, rewording, etc.

When you are done with editing, you can click to have the completed story emailed to you.

You may also choose to submit your story for sharing on this site and possibly in a future book that I will write. If you decide to create your story for personal use only, no part of your story will be published on this or any other website or in a book.

If you agree to share your story, I will review it for possible posting on this website as well as possible use in a future book. If selected for use, I would then edit your story, and you will be asked to approve the final version.

If your story is published on this site or in a book, you will choose whether to identify yourself by first name only, to use your first and last name, or to use a pseudonymn and remain anonymous.

Sharing your story will help other individuals who are in the process of deconverting or who have deconverted but are in the process of dealing with the associated losses and are rebuilding their lives.

If you would like create your story using this process, the first step is to Subscribe to this site, including creating a username and password for logging in.

To begin the subscription process, click on the "Subscribe to Be Notified When New Resources Are Added" link below.

Once you have completed the subscription process, you can login. Once you login, you will see the Subscriber's Menu. Select "Share Your Story" and begin the step-by-step interview process of creating your story. You can work on it in multiple sessions. You don't have to complete it all at one time.

Tim Sledge, Insighting Growth Publications

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